Qatar SC Fight Back to Secure 2-2

Qatar SC fight back to secure 2-2 draw

Hosts Qatar SC yesterday mobilized to share respects when they battled once again from a 2-objective shortage against fourth-set Umm Salal at Suheim Bin Hamad Stadium. Dreaded striker Sagbo (3) and Ousama Darragi (20) struck ahead of schedule for the guests Umm Salal who hustled to a 2-0 prompt recommend a persuading exhibitions in the away diversion.

Nonetheless, home side Qatar SC hit back through Ousama Omari (65) and Bruno Gallo (76, punishment) to finish an exceptionally engaging entry of play in the second half.

In a stun move in the cycle 18 conflict, guests Umm Salal opened the scoring in simply the third moment when Sagbo found the net with a flawless clasp to the upper right of the net from short proximity.

Kindred striker Darragi discovered Ivory Coast striker Sagbo – positioned inside the container – with a short clasp on an aberrant free kick. Sagbo, the incomprehensibly experienced forward, swiveled and rifled the ball to the highest point of the net in one brisk move for his group’s dazzling opener.

Upwards of eight Qatar SC players took a gander at each other inside the container when Sagbo found the net with his snappy reasoning move.

A couple of minutes after the fact, Sagbo discovered Mohammed Abu Bakr who discharged a low shot towards the objectives however Qatar SC manager Jassim Adel Al Hail this time obstructed the shot with a fast jump.

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In the quick paced coordinate, Qatar SC about pulled off an equalizer when Omari level footed an effective drive from inside the case yet experienced goalkeeper Baba Malick was aware of upset the threat by punching the ball away. In the twentieth moment, Umm Salal went 2-0 up when Darragi flicked home – after a cross from Mahmoud Al Mawas – from short proximity. It was Darragi’s third objective of the season.

In the 33rd moment, Omari of Qatar SC broke free of his marker on the edge of the yet his intense shot barely missed its objective as the ball cruised simply over the Umm Salal crossbar. Nine minutes into second half and Umm Salal’s Al Mawas wound up hitting the Qatar SC crossbar from short proximity following a cross from Sagbo.

After a progression of assaults in the initial 20 minutes of the second half, Qatar SC delivered their first objective through Omari who diverted the ball into the net from short proximity after Umm Salal’s Abdul Hussain neglected to prevent a low cross from the flank. It was Omari’s 6th objective of the season.

With force on their side, after 10 minutes has Qatar SC drew level with a well-taken extra shot by Gallo who selected to go for the left of goalkeeper Mallick. To wrap up an engaging 45 minutes of play at Qatar SC Stadium, Al Mawas of Umm Salal delivered a snap-header that kissed the crossbar before leaving play in the diminishing seconds of the diversion.

It was Umm Salal’s seventh draw of the season. For the home side, it was their fourth draw of the season now into the last extend. In other match, has Al Arabi guaranteed most extreme focuses after a 3-1 triumph over Al Markhiya.